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Sleep Monitor Wrist Pulse Oximeter Choice MD300W1

Sleep Monitor Wrist Pulse Oximeter Choice MD300W1
Price: £139.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 Kg
-2 available for immediate delivery

Wrist pulse oximeter sleep monitor MD300W1 is a small, wrist-worn portable blood oxygen meter for measuring blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and pulse rate at home, sleep laboratories, and hospital (including clinical use in surgery, anesthesia, intensive care...). Wrist oximeter MD300W1 provides spot checks and continuous recordings for adult, neonate¹, infant¹, and pediatric¹. The sleep monitor MD300W1 is commonly used at home or sleep laboratories for diagnosing sleep apnea or hypopnea. Patients with heart or breathing problems use MD300W1 to monitor pulse rate and blood oxygen level during exercise, which is key to improve health.

Sleep apnea is a common chronic disorder that is very common for older people. Sleep apnea affects over 50% of people older than 60. Both sleep apnea and hypopnea can cause the patient to feel increased fatiguability, lethargy, decreased ability to concentrate, increased irritability, and morning headaches. If you have loud snoring and excess daytime sleepness, use MD300W1 for a few nights which would give you some indications of your conditions.

The wrist pulse oximeter sleep monitor can record SpO2 and pulse rate values and transfer the data to a computer for further analysis using the USB PC interface cable and MedView management software. Patient ID (up to 10) and recording time can be entered for each set of data. The data and waveform replay capability make MD300W1 suitable for quick assessments or short term and overnight monitoring.

MD300W1 comes with an adult oximeter probe. For infant and children, an optional probe would be required.

Sample computer screen display

MedView Screen Shot

For more information, please see:


  • Size is similar to a wrist watch - exquisite, compact and light weight
  • Special design for sleep monitoring
  • Infants¹, neonate¹, children¹ and adults
  • LCD viewing screen with oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and pulse bar
  • Data transmission, storage and replay
  • USB PC interface cable and MedView software included
  • 10 patient ID settings
  • Simple operation for immediately, real-time spot-checks and continuous recording
  • USB interface for data transfer
  • Memory for 72-hour record storage
  • Windows (32-bit) XP, Vista and 7 support
  • Data is saved automatically when the oximeter is started. If the memory is full, the newest data will replace the oldest data.
  • 1 AAA Alkaline or rechargeable battery for 12+ hours of normal operation
  • Low power consumption

Technical specifications:

  • Patient: Adult, pediatric¹, infant¹, and neonatal¹
  • Display: LCD
  • SpO2:
    • Measurement range: 35-100%
    • Accuracy: 80-100% ±2%; 70-79% ±3%
    • Resolution: 1 %
  • Pulse rate
    • Measurement range: 30-254 BPM
    • Accuracy: 30-100BPM ±2; 101-235BPM ±2%
    • Resolution: 1 BPM
  • Sampling rate: 1 second
  • Alarms: Low power indicator, probe off, finger out

¹ Optional probes may be required for infants and children.

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